Barrelled Thoughts #3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today Asia saw the longest solar eclipse of the century.
A friend I asked said that she wasn’t interested, so she didn’t bother looking. I was a little stunned. “But the next one is 300 years from now…” She just shrugged. Hmmm, perhaps these things don’t interest our generation anymore.

I remember when I was in fifth grade, Ms. Peak gave a speech during assembly. She said the generation we were living through was called the Waste Age. I must confess, in comparison to the other eras to have ‘age’ labelled on them, we’re doing a pretty sloppy job. Back then, eight or nine years ago, was when the Plastic Bag Policy first came out, where the supermarkets were not to give out any shopping bags to customers unless bought from the cashier. I remember thinking that the policy was a very shallow one. Those plastic bags cost less than R1, and even in Taiwan now, at any given convenience store, they cost NT$1, which is the equivalent of about 20c. I would think that this policy has helped with the current situation, but I know for sure that it didn’t stop people from using plastic bags. Not even close.
It’s just like those celebrities who drive a Toyota Prius. They know and we know, that they all want to be belting around at 350km/h in a £100,000 Lamborghini or Aston Martin; but they buy and drive a Prius to show they care about the environment. If they really cared about the environment, they would’ve sold their £10,000,000,000 mansions and gone to live in the veld instead of buying a £15,000 metal boxes of moral.

My friend Vic went for a name change today. She’d been planning it for a while now. Well, her mother had been planning it. Vic said it doesn’t actually matter which name she has, but her mother, like many other Taiwanese, are bound by tradition to do what the ‘book’ says is best.
Name changes happen more in Eastern culture than in Western culture I think. That’s probably because the son or daughter is just given a pretty name, or, in the case of the Greeks, just named after their grandfathers, which I think is incredibly! I would have the same name as my grandfather, if he actually had an English name, ha ha. Obviously I now carry his last name.
It’s going to be strange calling her by her new name. I think I’ll just stick to Vic, ha ha. JSF.

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