Barrelled Thoughts #23

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today I attended NTNU’s annual college celebration for overseas students. As usually, it was fantastic seeing all those familiar faces. But what I think was more important, was seeing all those faces smiling.

NTNU’s overseas-student crash course was designed for one purpose, and for one purpose only: to let the strongest survive. Out of all the students there, only about 20 percent of them get to go to a decent national university, if they’re lucky.
NTNU was always frowned upon as a get-away for lazy students who don’t feel like working hard in high school. I beg to differ.
I know that they are there because they know a better future awaits; and spending this extra year will do them wonders. Come on, you guys. Make us proud!

I’ve been extremely tired this past week. We went bike riding on monday, which left me absolutely battered. I didn’t actually know the extent of my fatigue until I found myself getting tired at around 8 p.m. I guess in this final year, I really have to use my energy wisely. Just in case I need to squeeze out that extra mile.

My recent dilemma had been solved on Friday, when I was trying to figure out whether to spend my birthday with my classmates or with some 40-year-old men in a conference room. I guess the answer was pretty simple…

Last week, I was informed that the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission of Taiwan wanted to hold a conference with representatives of the overseas students from different high schools and universities across the nation. I was asked by one of our administrators to take part, along with 14 others from NOCSH. My first reaction was one of excitement. Of course I’d want to go! Are you kidding me? Once in a life time! But then I was struck down when he told me it was being held on November 4, which is my birthday…Oh, dear.

After a few days of thought, and a counseling session with my guru, Claire, I decided that it was not in my best interests to attend the conference for the following reasons:
1) At least 4,000 other students would be attending the conference, which meant that nothing much will be said when it comes to ‘personal opinion’.
2) Meetings like this were purely for appearances’ sake. Quite fictitious actually. They do it for the sake of doing it. But when questions are raised, there is often little or nothing they can do about them.

But even though I decided not to go, I still feel it is an excellent opportunity, for those more willing, to gain experience from. Definitely still a once-in-a-life-time experience with the big boys. And even though I won’t be there amongst a select few to listen to the chairman of the OCAC babble, I feel that my place is with my classmates, from whom I will definitely gain comfort during these hard, hard times.

All’s good in the land of John. Some things pass, some things don’t; some things seem to stick, where others just won’t. I just know, some day it’ll all turn out well. JSF.

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