Silence – Jr Linares [EN]

Submitted Wednesday, May 7, 2014

There I was laying on the dead leaves when it struck like a lighting; the most vibrant part of sound, which gives sense to all tones and semi-tones falling like an orderly waterfall; the main element of every unseen thing which is always there, latent and awaiting in between breaths; the echo makes one feel a void, yet it reassures the existence of the self.

I snapped out of my melodic dream, and it was as if a medium had taken my mind back to its original place, like a solid carriage of minds wandering outside themselves. What was this fleeting resonance I had just experienced? Why is it that this instant is so familiar; yet every time it summons itself, I fail to grasp the wholeness of its sound?

As I was beginning to quickly apprehend and compute the reality surrounding me again, I realized that I could only remember half of the melody I was playing before this sonic flash came. As the seconds kept on their infinite race, it seemed that as time passed, less of the song came to mind. The more I fought against my memory, the more it became clear that the moment that just passed was already somewhere else, and I was already starting to summon new thoughts recycled from the ashes of the last ones.

I stopped. I was perplexed as I listened to my surroundings to know if my music had made any, if not minimal, contribution to the aesthetics of the forest and the sky above it, or if it was the silence itself of my playing that gave a brighter contrast between my presence and nature.

Humbled, I listened.

Jr Linares was born in Guatemala City. He is currently a Business Administration student at National Chengchi University, Taiwan.
He likes to travel, and he sees life as the best type of art. Jr also likes the idea of a contrast existing between all things.
I met Jr when he joined BA a few years ago. I admire the fact that he gets to play his ukulele on his travels.
Thanks for your contribution, buddy. – John.

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