Barrelled Thoughts #50 – Identity: ‘All the world’s a stage’

Monday, October 6, 2014

If the world is indeed a stage and we its actors, like William Shakespeare suggests, which roles do I play? And what do they mean to me?

John, human, Taiwanese-South African, man, citizen;

Identity, instinct, nationality, stereotypes, law.

Son, grandson, cousin, nephew, brother;

Expectation, pampering, youth, family, responsibility.

Eater, drinker, taster, breather, wine lover;

Hunger, thirst, preference, life, luxury.

Listener, looker, doer, speaker, reader;

Selection, observation, action, expression, solitude.

Movie-goer, music lover, dancer, singer, guitarist;

Appreciation, fortitude, shame, mood, hobby.

Neighbour, acquaintance, friend, psychologist, sufferer; 

Society, contact, conversation, understanding, resignation.

Planner, initiator, leader, follower, waiter; 

Organisation, inception, commitment, participation, patience.

Traveller, flyer, pedestrian, passerby, commuter;

Globalisation, rite, invisibility, insignificance, powerlessness.

Customer, employee, colleague, journalist, photographer;

Necessity, work, cooperation, passion, perspective.

Teacher, learner, writer, thinker; 

Pride, refinement, medium, philosophy,

Lover, admirer, supporter;

Longing, lust, devotion,



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