Barrelled Thoughts #57 – Sunday Someday

Sunday, August 2, 2014

I take part in a staring contest with a white and brown Maine Coon who might as well be the shopkeeper and face of the endearing Cat Cafe—one of two coffeehouses in Budapest dedicated to the feline companions loved by so many.

The cafe is home to four cats to whose breeds I am oblivious. As a dog person I get points just for knowing a Maine Coon, but I can see why people like cats—sort of. I mean, what’s not to like about a pet who (sometimes) responds to you with affection, while happily ignoring everyone else in the room?

The Cat Cafe reminds me of a cafe near where I lived in Taipei. It was also a modest establishment that looked like it would never fill up. But that’s the point of a ‘cafe city’—there are always enough coffeehouses to provide everyone with their own private corner.

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