Becks or Bucks: Media Analysis of Beckham’s MLS switch – John Scot Feng [EN]

Submitted Thursday, May 22, 2014

Preface: Originally done for Mr. Joe Eaton’s U.S. Sports History course, the report turned into a football lover’s personal hunt for knowledge about the intricate events behind David Beckham’s transfer to Major League Soccer. – J.S. Feng

Bigger than The Beatles: Introduction

When news broke of David Beckham’s signing of a pre-contract with Major League Soccer outfit Los Angeles Galaxy, questions were raised over the future of his international career and what the move would mean for the future of American “soccer.”

Beckham’s announcement might have come as a shock to some, especially considering the substantial difference in stature between MLS and La Liga—the Spanish football equivalent. However, his decision should not be analysed solely from a footballing point of view, because not only is Beckham a multi-talented footballer, he is also a forward-looking businessman in his own right. And he, along with his wife—former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham—and children, set out to conquer the U.S. not dissimilar to the way The Beatles did when they first landed on the North American continent in the 1960s. Continue reading