The Rainbow Sheep of the Family pt. 2 – Anonymous [EN]

Submitted Monday, June 2, 2014

Editor’s note: Part two of the Rainbow Sheep series is as eye-opening as the first. As someone who doesn’t possess an adequate understanding of the LGBT community, it was engaging to read about different opinions that exist within the community itself. – J.S. Feng

Before coming to Taiwan, I was never very comfortable with my sexuality. I would only ever tell the closest of my friends. And even then I was hesitant.

I knew my friends loved me dearly for who I was, but there were always those few who were a little different. You would not believe the look of happiness and pride that was apparent on their faces when I did something that would mark me as being “straight,” like when I asked a girl to prom, and the look that ensued on the face of my—at the time—”best friend”. He and I are no longer in contact. Continue reading