A small gallery of my trip to France during Christmas – baguettes, Bordeaux, Sauternes, camembert, but sadly no mimes. Paris and Caen.

A journal of my visit can be found here.


Vienna – Wien

A collection of my favourite pictures from a short trip in Vienna – spoiler: there is no coffee or cake.

A journal of the visit can be found here.

Photo of the Week – Jun 19, 2015



The Hungarian Parliament Building stands stoic during a mid-summer breeze in the middle of June. It was inaugurated on the 1,000th anniversary of Hungary in 1896 and opened eight years later in 1904.

The awesome structure that is this historical landmark is worth seeing from near and from far. Up close, its majesty humbles even the most impassive of tourists, while from afar, its colour, shape, and sheer dominance adds to Pest’s prowess as a welcoming yet exigent tourist city.

306km of Saturation: Two-wheeling Taiwan’s East Coast

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At the end of the term that served as the official tiebreaker between me and university life, I was invited by my good friend Judy to cycle the east coast of Taiwan.

Before I describe the unforgettable experience that has been the past six days, it’s best I point out that the furthest I had ever cycled in Taiwan (or indeed anywhere else in the world in the past decade) was about three or four city blocks on one of Taipei’s popular YouBikes.

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Cambodia – Kampuchea

A small collection of three days of memories in the steaming hot Cambodian springtime.

Photo of the Week – April 8, 2014

Empty cans of Taiwan Beer lie in the sand on a mild day in Taiwan’s fluctuating spring weather. These days are rare, but when you take advantage of them, they’re worth every single second.

I took a day out of the long weekend to take a stroll on Baishawan, a beach in northern Taiwan. It’s a 40-minute bus ride away from Taiwan’s most northerly metro station—Tamsui. The rain continued the very next day, so I’m pleased to have been there. Until next time and on to pastures new.