Dead Cat – J.S. Feng, A.G. Rodriguez, E.J. Rivera & J.A. Rodriguez [EN]

Submitted Friday, June 20, 2014

Preface: “Dead Cat” is a screenplay written for a film writing class at National Chengchi University. The four of us tackled this exhausting task with great enthusiasm, learning the hardships of converting an ordinary story into a usable screenplay with the proper use of indicators.

Writing “Dead Cat” was extremely fulfilling and a fantastic experience for me personally, as we dug deep into character development and the world of symbolism and nuances. Whatever the outcome, we are proud of our work. – J. Feng Continue reading

A Welcome to Salad Eaters [EN/CN/ES/DE/RU/UA]

“The Salad Bowl” is a guest blogging community within “Quote, Unquote” with posts about various topics in various languages.

The ethos of The Salad Bowl is to build dialogue between readers and writers by creating a thinking society in which cultural and regional barriers are broken.

In a cultural manner of speaking, the concept of a “salad bowl” originates from a term coined to define the integration of the many different peoples residing in the United States and how they combine like a salad—all ubiquitously present in one place, yet maintaining their individual cultural identity. We want to take a bold step forward and claim that not only is this idea no longer restricted to the U.S. alone, it is also the force that drives today’s diversity- and identity-seeking world citizens. It also opposes the earlier belief in the existence of a cultural “melting pot”, in which ethnic groups, unable to preserve their cultures due to assimilation, lose their identity to form a “neo-culture”.

This section in the blog “Quote, Unquote” was created so the ingredients of the salad that is the international community can share their thoughts and opinions about any topic or issue that is close to their heart, but from their personal, cultural and individual point of view.

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