Barrelled Thoughts #49 – Writing Project: ‘Blame It on the Music

Monday, September 29, 2014

This was an impromptu blogging project thought up by me and my good friend and former classmate Evelyn. The aim was to see how different (or similar) an article we could produce when given the same topic. The only catch: I would be writing in English; she in Chinese.
Interestingly, our strikingly different personalities and preferences for words show, aptly, through our approach. 


Blame it on the music,

All those unwanted distractions; all those sleepless nights.

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Silence – Jr Linares [EN]

Submitted Wednesday, May 7, 2014

There I was laying on the dead leaves when it struck like a lighting; the most vibrant part of sound, which gives sense to all tones and semi-tones falling like an orderly waterfall; the main element of every unseen thing which is always there, latent and awaiting in between breaths; the echo makes one feel a void, yet it reassures the existence of the self.

I snapped out of my melodic dream, and it was as if a medium had taken my mind back to its original place, like a solid carriage of minds wandering outside themselves. What was this fleeting resonance I had just experienced? Why is it that this instant is so familiar; yet every time it summons itself, I fail to grasp the wholeness of its sound? Continue reading