Italy: Rosso e Blanco

“He scarcely hesitated. He was afraid to hold back, being fearful that if he waited too long this moment might never come again—or that if it did, his courage might not match his desire for knowledge.”

‘The City and the Stars’ – Arthur C. Clarke


I use Arthur C. Clark’s description of Alvin, a resident of the billion-year-old city of Diaspar, as a form of encouragement whenever I am hesitant about embarking on new and unpredictable adventures. Some will come easy; some will bear more strain—such is life. Just as Alvin, who is possibly the very last curious man left on Earth, must venture to Lys, despite the frightening uncertainty of what he might find and in spite of the daunting probability of never returning home, so, too, must I traverse the globe one tiny step at a time. We all must, because we all owe ourselves at least that much.

Saturday, November 14, 2015 – Milan

The more I travel, one thing becomes abundantly clear: There is no dignity in rushing to the airport in the early hours of the morning to catch a 6am flight. You arrive looking terrible; everyone else looks just as bad. The sight almost makes me want to laugh, because you, me, the supermodel—looking like she just ran a marathon—and the businessman—who could pass for a tramp—we are all suffering; there is no exception.

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Italy – Italia

A small gallery from a week in Italy – pizza, coffee, art, and music.

A short journal of my trip to Italy can be found here.